*2014 ANNUAL REPORT -- Town Clerk’s office*

J. Stacey Yarbrough, Town Clerk/Tax Collector


More often than not, the first contact a person may have, when a person does not know where to find the information they may desire, they will contact the Town Clerk’s office.  As the repository of all Town records, the Town Clerk is commonly known as the historian of the community.  Linked to the Town Clerk are the past, present, and future of North Haven.  The Town Clerk’s role has always been to record events; therefore, the Town’s past is entrusted with the Town Clerk.


The Town Clerk’s office maintains permanent records for land transactions, maps, recorded marriage, birth and deaths (the Town Clerk is also the Registrar of Vital Statistics/Records for the Town) issuance of marriage licenses, liquor permits, dog licenses, hunting and fishing licenses, certified copies of birth, marriage and death certificates, to name a few..


The Office of the Secretary of the State has the highest regard for the Town Clerk and her office.  According to that Office, the responsibility of the Town Clerk’s office encompasses some “500+ duties.” 


Real estate transactions, which include refinancing, although affected by the downward turn in the U. S. economy, have been holding steady this past year.  These transactions substantially increase the volume of activity and work for the Town Clerk’s office.


During the past few years,  land records, including all land transactions and Real Estate tax and Sewer Use liens, in the Town Clerk’s vault have been going through a major cleaning and reorganization project for ease of access and use.   Connecticut State Library Historic Preservation Grants have provided the Clerk’s office with some of the funds to update and digitize land records on a yearly basis.  A dedicated terminal for hunting and fishing licenses was installed in 2008. A terminal for public viewing of land records is available in the office; we plan to have a second terminal in the near future.  In 2011, Trade Name Certificates were added to our online access system for current and future filings; we are in the process of adding older records to the system, by way of the aforementioned State Library Grant.   Lastly, soon, we hope to begin the process of updating our Vitals system -- which is currently done manually -- to an electronic processing system.


The Town Clerk works closely with the Registrars of Voters in the preparation for and supervision of all primaries, elections and referenda held in the Town of North Haven, including the preparation and distribution of Absentee Ballots for the same.   Extreme accuracy is vital.  Registering new voters is also among the various and sundry duties of the Town Clerk’s office.


The Town Clerk convenes all Town Meetings, including the Annual Town Meeting, the Annual Town Budget Meeting, as well as all public hearings.


Notary Public service is available to the public, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (expect for Legal Holidays).  The service is free of charge to all Town Residents.  The fee for non-residents is $5.00 per notarization.






  • 167          Births Recorded
  • 193          Marriages Recorded
  • 283          Deaths Recorded
  • 4              Disinterments
  • 156          Burial Permits
  • 69            Cremation
  • 55            Liquor Permits
  • 102          Marriage Licenses issued
  • 4,682       Deeds
  • 20            Maps
  • 1,128       Dog licenses issued
  • 79            Trade Name Certificates
  • 266          Sports Licenses
  • 4              F.O.I.A. Compliance with Requests for Information
  • 1,137       Certified Copies Issued: 124                 Land Records 195                 Marriage Licenses 642                 Death Certificates 169                 Birth Certificates


Gross receipts for the Town Clerk’s office amounted to approx.  $685,423.56 at the end of the calendar year 2013.