2014 Safety City

The 2014 Safety City was the first course offered in Marshfield and was held at the First Presbyterian Church 200 S. Lincoln Ave. There were 15 children who participated in the event and they learned about pedestrian safety, bicycle safety, water safety, poison safety, bus safety and the principles of stranger danger.

Safety Officials were available from the Marshfield Police Department, Marshfield Fire & Rescue Department, Marshfield Parks & Recreation Department, Ministry St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital, Marshfield Bus Service & Wood County Sheriff's Department.

Pedestrian Safety & Bicycle Safety Course
 The pedestrian safety and bicycle safety course is designed to teach children the importance of obeying traffic signs when walking or riding their bicycles. The course also teaches them to look both ways and ensure that traffic is completely stopped before attempting to cross the street.
Bike Course 1 IMG
Water Safety Poison Safety 
 Children learn the importance of always wearing their personal flotation device and being safe around water. The poison safety course is designed to help children identify poisons and tell an adults when they find something that might be a poison.
School Bus Safety 
 The school bus safety course is put on by the Marshfield Bus Service. It is designed to teach children how to enter and exit the bus when it is picking them up. It also teaches them the rules that are used when riding on a school bus.
Final Day Activities
 The final day activities are designed to include children's parents so that they can show off the new skills they have learned throughout the week as well as allowing for parents to ask additional questions they may have on any topic covered throughout the week.
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