City of College Park, Maryland

Renting in College Park

Rent Stabilization

When active, this program is staffed by 0.75 FTE of Office Specialist assigned duties.  The Public Services Director serves as staff liaison to the Rent Stabilization Board. The Office Specialist prepares background information for appeals hearings.  The program serves as established in City Code to regulate residential rent increases, in order to protect tenants from unwarranted rent increases thereby helping to maintain the availability of housing for households of all income levels.  The Program further seeks to preserve, maintain and improve the existing stock of single family housing in the City.  Chapter 127 of the City Code became effective June 14, 2005, was extended in 2009, 2012 and 2013.

Administration and enforcement of this Ordinance has been suspended by the City Council until September 2014, pending further Council action to continue the ordinance.


 Rent Stabilization Frequently Asked Questions