City of College Park, Maryland

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The Administration department includes the offices of the City Manager, City Clerk,
Mayor and Council, Human Resources, City Attorney, and the boards, committees and
commissions. The City Manager is the chief administrative officer of the City, with
primary responsibility for the preparation, submittal and administration of the operating
and capital budgets, the handling of citizen concerns and complaints, the enforcement
of the City Charter and laws of the City, the direction and supervision of all departments,
and the advising of the Mayor and Council on City affairs. The City Council is the
legislative body of the City, and is empowered by the City Charter to make all City
policy. The Council is elected by district every 2 years. The City is divided into 4
districts, with 2 Council members elected from each district, for a total of 8. The Mayor
is elected at large on the same election schedule as the City Council. The Mayor and
Council together form a body of 9 elected officials.


The Department of Finance is responsible for accounting and reporting of the City's
financial operations, preparation of the operating and capital budgets, billing and
collections, payroll services, purchasing, information systems and related functions. The
department coordinates the annual certified audit, and prepares the Uniform Financial
Report ("UFR") for filing with the State of Maryland and the Comprehensive Annual
Financial Report ("CAFR"). The City has been the recipient of the Government Finance
Officers Association ("GFOA") Distinguished Budget and Excellence in Financial Reporting
awards for its budget and CAFR for many years.

Public Services

The Department of Public Services handles parking enforcement, code enforcement,
animal control and public safety, as well as providing administrative support to the
Recreation Board. The Parking Enforcement program is responsible for coin and currency
collection from the parking meters and pay stations in the surface parking lots in the
downtown area and the parking garage, and enforcement of parking regulations in
residential zones, metered lots and other areas throughout the City. The Code
Enforcement program enforces all City codes pertaining to property maintenance and
ensures compliance with City codes through the annual rental inspection program. The
Animal Control program enforces the animal control laws of the City and Prince George's
County, providing public awareness and education on proper care of domestic animals.
The Rent Stabilization program administers the rent stabilization ordinance. The Speed
Enforcement program administers the use of automated speed monitoring systems in
designated school zones and institution of higher education zones (within Y2 mile of
University of Maryland property). Speed enforcement began in November 2010; vehicles
that exceed the posted speed limit by 12 miles per hour are issued a $40.00 civil citation.
The Contract Police program provides off-duty Prince George's County police officers as
part-time City employees, supplementing the County's regular police services within the
City. Beginning in fiscal year 2010, the Contract Police program also includes funding for
3 full-time police officers under a contract with Prince George's County.

Planning, Community and Economic Development

The Department of Planning, Community and Economic Development is guided by the
City's Comprehensive Plan, implemented in 1995 and updated annually. The department
focuses heavily on the U.S. Route 1 corridor (which runs north-south through the City) in
economic and community development initiatives, and participates in project planning with
the State Highway Administration for roadway, esthetic and bicycle-access improvements
to the study area within the City. The City currently has limited zoning responsibilities, but
collaborates with Prince George's County, M-NCPPC and the University of Maryland in
planning efforts involving projects that impact the City. The City continues to pursue
obtaining full zoning authority from Prince George's County. The department participates
in the U.S. Route 1 sector planning process initiated by M-NCPPC.

The department is responsible for the implementation of certain projects in the City's
Capital Improvement Program, and prepares and administers grant and loan applications
under such federal and state programs as Community Development Block Grant ("CDBG")
and Program Open Space (''POS'').

The department, in cooperation with the College Park City-University Partnership, a
nonprofit local development corporation, strives to implement both the City's
Comprehensive Plan and the University's Facilities Master Plan. The department also
participates in regional multi-jurisdictional activities, such as the Four Cities Coalition
(College Park, Greenbelt, Berwyn Heights, Riverdale), and the Anacostia Trails Heritage
Area CATHA"). The department provides liaison to the Downtown College Park
Management Authority ("DCPMA"), an association of business owners and professionals.

Youth, Family & Senior Services

The Department of Youth, Family & Senior Services promotes community outreach and
enhanced family functioning through its clinical programs, school assembly events, parent
education and support groups, and client advocacy. Quality of service delivery is
monitored through weekly supervision, video review, clinical consultation, and related
training. Programs of the department are partially funded by state and county grants,
client fees and user charges.

The department provides ongoing support to Lakeland Action, a volunteer coalition of area
residents; elementary school, municipal and recreation center staff; University students
and faculty; neighborhood church members; and elementary school students. The
mission of Lakeland Action is to enhance the quality of life for children and their parents in
the City's Lakeland area through tutoring and mentoring activities, increasing the students'
academics and self-esteem, and increasing their sense of community. The Lakeland
children's club is entitled Lakeland STARS, which is an acronym for Students Taking
Active Responsibility. Lakeland STARS participate in academic and recreational activities
with University student groups, allowing the students to take advantage of multiple
opportunities not otherwise available to them.

The department's Seniors Program provides assistance and advocacy for senior citizens,
information and referral, a free bus transportation system for medical appointments and
shopping, and well-attended subsidized and non-subsidized senior trips.

Public Works

The Department of Public Works, which utilizes approximately one-half of the City's
budget and comprises one-half of the City's workforce, provides full-service to City
residents in the areas of solid waste management, recycling, street cleaning, signage,
snow and ice removal, litter and graffiti control, and street lighting. Refuse, special trash
and recycling are collected once weekly by City staff at a high satisfaction rating from
residents (based on the resident survey). The department is responsible for the
maintenance and upkeep of all City vehicles, heavy equipment and machinery.

The department's innovative Smartleaf® composting program earned an Award of
Excellence from the Maryland Municipal League. The City, neighboring jurisdictions and
the University of Maryland provide leaves and grass clippings that are composted into an
enriched compost material. Following composting, the material is sold back to the
jurisdictions, landscape firms and individuals. Substantial dollars of tipping fees are saved
by diverting the leaves and grass clippings from the waste stream.

The department continues its involvement in playground reconstruction, and assists with
citizen and student volunteer programs throughout the year.