City of College Park, Maryland

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Engineering Division

Engineering Division


Steven E. Halpern, City Engineer 240-487-3590


This program plans, reviews and oversees improvements to the City’s infrastructure.  It provides the following administrative and managerial functions for various public improvement projects: planning, budgeting, design assistance, staffing, scheduling, permitting, construction and operations.

In addition, this program is responsible for:

  • Traffic management and engineering

  • Streetlight review and installations

  • Reviewing and addressing residential complaints

  • Utilities review, permitting and coordination

  • Local storm drainage

  • Interacting with County DER in area-wide storm drain issues

  • Interacting with SHA in area maintenance issues

  • Administering consultant engineering contracts

  • Administering construction contracts

  • Compiling and maintaining the City’s infrastructure database

  • Assisting other City departments in related issues

  • Preparing the annual street maintenance plan

  • Reviewing and addressing various concerns of the City Council

  • Providing engineering consultation to community organizations for various community projects